Morbid Curiosity.

This is my latest design, It was based on my own personal Morbid Curiosity.

morbid curiosity


No, my next design won’t be based on my obsession with crappy reality TV. funny-honey-boo-boo-honey-badger

I’m still working on my business as I am home 24/7, It’s not completely dead but it’s not really going anywhere. I need a boost of some kind to be able to get some products printed at least but ultimately it would amazing if I could afford to get printing machinery to be able to manufacture my OWN products.

I’m missing out on important avenues that I could be taking to increase my business visibility because of it.

I really just need a chance.

So to try and raise the funds I have started two fundraisers, Kickstarter and Indiegogo. There are some great rewards avaliable if you donate but even a share would mean more than anything to me.

Back by popular demand

Since my last post Over 6 months ago..

I’ve been living and working on my business overseas (U.S.). I was short on cash when it came to renewing my domain name and that is why my blog has been down. So….



I’m still awesome, cool and have been working some more designs.





I hope you all had a (Just one) Christmas and a New Year and did the things you do. I will be posting a lot more and in more detail, More to come.


Gantsa Who.



This is my latest T-shirt design. It’s a custom design for a lover of Dr. Who, I decided to give it a twist. What if Dr. who was set in the Ghetto?



So I’ve been pretty quiet these past few weeks as  I have been working on a few different designs at the same time, none of them finished yet. That gave me an idea that maybe it would be cool to show the process of my pieces.



So first my drawing starts off like this, obviously I start all my designs by hand with a pencil drawing. My scanner is too small to fit my size paper all at once so I have to scan it in twice at two different angles then fit them together as close as i can get it on Photoshop. Yes there is a puncture hole and a mark… just pretend that isn’t there.


This is another problem I have a lot. My paper is too small to fit all of the design on it so I just add random guide lines to fix it up as I add colour. Once I start adding colour I treat it like a painting. I hardly use any other options on Photoshop so it takes me a really long time. Basically the only tools I use is are the paintbrush tool and maybe the bucket occasionally. Bonus points if you can guess which movie this is from?


Here is another example of something I have been working on. It’s a portrait of my dad and you can see how long and time-consuming it takes me to get it JUST right.


I have nearly finished one of my designs so I’ll be posting that one up soon. Please don’t forget about my fundraiser!!! Please share it around!!! Also in 2 weeks I’ll be traveling but I will be keeping it updated on here when the time comes.

I hope you freaky people out there enjoyed this post, Thank you for following and supporting this blog. Incase you thought I had forgotten about all of you boils and ghouls ;)



Boils and Ghouls.

I just wanted to update on my attempt to start my business so far since my last post. I was accepted into the year-long NEIS program through the government to help me succeed in my business dwellings and have been creating brand spanking new designs.



















I’m not going to lie, it’s be really hard to not give up completely as I haven’t even made my first sale yet but I know that will all come in time if I keep it up and be consistent . So in an attempt to kick start it along I have set up an online fund raiser through ‘Pozible’.

Please take a minute of your time to check it out and read about my plight, then tweet it around or share on Facebook.

It would really mean the world to me if you could get word out there, and if you are keen enough to donate you will receive a reward!


I’m keen to hear your feedback, so leave a comment.



I’ve been really busy since my last post with trying to stay motivated and inspired.

Since my last post my handsome man came to stay with me for three weeks which was awesome of course. We did all the regular touristy stuff like look at things and stuff.


Oh look, a rock!

We were adopted by a freaky copper android Irwin family which was cool for a change.


I got bitch slapped by a kangaroo which was cool too I guess.



Of course I had to take him to my favorite place for a day of exploring.




Loads of fun was had and as expected it went way too fast before we had to stay our goodbyes once more :(


I’ll be heading back that way shortly which eases the separation pain ever so slightly.

My life has been pretty mundane for the past year or so, blogging has ceased. I’ve been working on my business and just trying not to lose faith altogether in life by keeping myself as busy as possible. I plan to become more active on this blog once my traveling commences. I’m not really one of those people who has an exciting life (or thinks they have an exciting life) that can consistently blog and write about, I spend most of my time alone in my room which leads to nothing in the way of interesting material.

Dr. Eff

Since my last post I’ve been working on setting up a website and opening an online store/starting my own business.

So I’ve officially ‘opened’ my website and online store and I am now selling T-shirts and prints based on all my own designs. <– Check it out now!

Here’s a couple of designs available online and don’t forget to like my Facebook page to show your support!





So it’s been a while…

A lot has happened with my life since I last posted. I wont go into too much detail but I just spent the past three months in Alabama, I’m back now and I’ll be heading back sometime at the end of the year.

My life has literally been turned upside down in the best way possible.

Here is a piece I created while in Alabama inspired by a friend of mine, it’s titled “Hang out with your wang out”. I have also posted the last piece of work I created before I left it was inspired by the 1990 ‘Night of the living dead’ which happens to be my most favouritest movie.

Hang out with your wang out

Did you know that if you super glue quarters to your shoes you get tap shoes?

Week 1 of holidays.

So holidays started this week and this is what I have accomplished thus far.

Vertebrae and Water lilies


skull and Water lily

Cholombian Saint

Gas Masks and Zombies.



As per title..


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