Back to school.

 I’ve been back at full time study for a couple of weeks now. I lost my mojo and stopped posting however I have a new class that requires me to post a blog post every week in order to pass… yeah… Gonna be some random shit.

Let’s get this ball rolling.

So.. the other day I went to the art gallery with the rest of my class as a  part of an assignment.


Oh look! People!

Glass balls full of urine coloured water with moving black stuff inside.

Fluorescent lights with fans blowing them around.

I lack the ability to be descriptive.

This was pretty cool, it looked like it was breathing.

A distraction!

and that concludes my visit.


About dixiemakesastatement

21 years old, Living in Brisbane and Studying diploma of visual arts. My blog is like a visual diary everything that inspires or intrigues me, gets posted. I post my own paintings/drawings which are results of my inspirations. I do not take myself seriously. I love art more than most things, I just hate the assholes of the art industry. "All artists are willing to suffer for their work. But why are so few prepared to learn to draw?" — Banksy View all posts by dixiemakesastatement

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